New OnePlus 8 Lite Rumours

OnePlus first launched a medium-sized phone in 2015 called OnePlus X, and it seems that the company is looking for its second mid-range device. OnLeaks mobile and following tips seem to have borrowed the OnePlus 8 Lite budget-centered phone online. Measuring 159.2 x 74 x 8.6 mm, the device looks very similar to the previous rendering of the Galaxy S11. More specifically, it has the same camera housing and perforated cutouts installed in the center.

The camera houses two rear cameras, and if it’s something like the Galaxy S10 and iPhone 11, then we can expect a normal / ultra full pair. Other details of the so-called OnePlus 8 Lite include a USB-C port on the bottom, a volume bar on the left, a power/lock button and a warning slider on the right. But we cannot detect a 3.5mm port, and the lack of a visible fingerprint scanner suggests a screen sensor (OLED screen).

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There is no information on other details, so we should expect more leaks or official disclosures to know the power, price, and other specifications. Anyway, a mid-range OnePlus phone will cost much less than the $ 599 worth of the OnePlus 7T. What would you like to see about OnePlus 8 Lite? Give us features on your wish list in the comments below!

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