Grab a Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 for just $350

Samsung’s second-generation Chromebook Plus launched a year ago with an updated 16: 9 internal and new display. The Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 is still an excellent alternative to the cheap Chromebook, especially now that it was reduced to $ 349.99 at Amazon. That’s $ 50 off the regular price, $ 200 less than the original MSRP.

The model for sale is an Intel Celeron 3965Y processor, 64 GB eMMC storage, 4 GB of RAM, and a 12.2-inch 1080p screen. You can flip it to use as a tablet, and it includes a pen to draw, capture screenshots, and other functions.

Chrome OS updates for the Chromebook Plus V2 will continue until June 2024, so the machine is still alive even if it is more than a year old. The Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 with Intel Core M3 chip has only $ 399 off Amazon ($ 40 off). Except for the ultra-powerful processor, this model includes its slightly cheaper cousin, the 12.2 “screen, 64 GB of expandable storage, and 4GB of memory.

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The Lenovo Yoga Chromebook C630 has experienced a more general relativistic life cycle, but with little interest in its launch, it has grown in me over time. When it comes to the Pixel book, the compilation, the excellent input methods, and the big screen, I think the majority is a Chromebook. And with the regular price drop, it has become a quick and easy recommendation in its price range for many people.

The Samsung Crombuck Plus V2 appeared out of nowhere without any ads, and to be honest; I was a bit overwhelmed. My initial review was pretty good, but I sincerely missed her. For the price, it is a complicated device to recommend and, compared to its predecessor, and I am not too satisfied with what they have done with this new process.

Then the Core M3 was introduced, and I was a bit upside down. We gave him a test drive, and he was honestly under the hood with a little more power in this device. However, for $ 600, my overall impression was still lukewarm. It was an excellent Chromebook, but it wasn’t right for the price. However, something about the construction, the size, and the included pencil has always attracted me, but I have always liked this Chromebook.

Fast forward to today, the Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 finally has a price at a reasonable price, easy to recommend, and of great value to those who choose to buy one. As we reported earlier this week, if you have a student or a student, you can get this Chromebook for only $ 350. And if not, the price is still incredible at $ 399. Check this article to get everything you need to know to get the right price.

Do not forget that this is the model we have not seen before with Core m3, 4 GB of RAM, and 128 GB of internal storage. At this price, this Chromebook forces me again. For me, this is the peak of the relativistic life cycle of this Chromebook. It is still fast enough for anything you want to do, and now offers tons of internal storage, which is now in a price range, making it an easy option for those looking to buy a Chromebook for a fall.

We are pretty sure that we will see the Samsung Chromebook Pro updated by the end of the year, and the Chromebook Plus V2 has now been brought to the optimum point of its relativistic life cycle, a device that I would recommend whenever it is maintained. This price point. I often go undercover for myself.

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