Google Stadia now has a web-based store

Google revealed the missing key details in its March announcement of the new Google Stadia Sports streaming service. That is, what we can play, how much we pay, and when we can start with an exciting new service: the high-end console and the computer games that Chromecast offers to any Chrome web browser. Ultra TV dongle or Pixel 3 smartphone from new Google servers.

Google’s Stadia Games streaming platform is more or less a startup, and some of its features are missing, but the company is slowly fixing it. One problem is that the only way to navigate and buy games is through the Stadia Mobile application, but not anymore.

The official Stadia Twitter account made the news and announced that a new web-based game store is now available for Stadia players. Now you can explore topics from any device that has a web browser, not just Android and iOS.

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Once you have logged in with your Google account, the new store appears as a link on the Stadia home page. As with any other game store, specific games are at the top and are listed in different categories of headings. It’s pretty basic now, but in terms of Stadia’s limited library, simplicity is not a problem.

When you click on a game, you will access the page dedicated to the title, with screenshots, videos, a description, varied information, and the most essential purchase button. The button naturally leads to pop-up windows to verify payment information.

So there you have it: Stadia players can now buy games from any device other than their phone. It is not yet known when you can buy games directly from the Chromecast client.

Short version: Google Stadia will launch at least 22 games in 14 different regions, including the US. UU., The United Kingdom, and Canada on November 19. A hardware starter kit with a three-month premium service costs $ 130 per month and $ 10 per month. A separate free level will arrive in 2020, and there are 42 confirmed games to date.

Advance orders for “Creator’s Edition” have been sold, and I will explain what it is. If you are looking to play Stadia before the end of the year, the best option now is to buy the Premier Edition, which is the only way to buy it. Google tells us that both Startup Edition and Premier Edition packages will be sent before the end. November, but Google sends Stadia kits based on when your order was delivered, so not all at once.

There is one more thing you should know before placing an order. You’ve probably heard the prediction that Google Stadia is the “Netflix of sports,” but it seems that the analogy goes so far. Google intends to include a list of free games for its monthly fee of $ 10, and Stadia is not a subscription service. The subscription now comprises only one game: Destiny 2. Google tells us that you should expect to buy and that the games in the cloud will not be rented for the retail price you find on other platforms such as PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, and Steam.

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