Galaxy Fold now available in Canada

The Galaxy Fold offers the WOW phone factor that no other phone offers today, but we recommend it only for users who have the money to attract and burn their peers. It is a technological marvel with technical limitations, and we expect a more rounded sequence.

Canada has many things to admire: maple syrup, spectacular scenery, a flag with scales, whatever. But for now, the country has only one thing left: the quality of the Samsung Galaxy. I have no idea how the people of Canada survived without access to Samsung’s latest flagship, but now the phone is officially in the country.

The dark Galaxy Fold is now available for purchase in Canada, but it is harder to get there than in the United States. In Murika we have the opportunity to find it at a local operator or Best Buy, and the Galaxy Fold in Canada is only available in a handful of Samsung Experience stores:

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That means that if you don’t live in Toronto, Edmonton or Burnaby, you’ll have to search if you want the latest and the best from Samsung. Prices start at $ 2,599.99, which is a little closer to the price of US $ 2,000 after the currency conversion.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is the most advanced smartphone of 2019, and finally, promising a flexible phone, promises a real change of direction in the streets. But it is still not something we can recommend to many.

Wherever we go with the folder, people want to know what this is and how it works. We saw how it bends to a 4.6-inch outdoor screen and converts it into a small 7.3-inch tablet screen, it was always a surprise.

But the second WOW factor comes into action: it is double the price of today’s best smartphones, and it also has a worrying history of durability, which can be a decisive factor for many potential buyers.

Samsung refined the Galaxy Fold in a five-month delay for its launch, which strengthened the hands of the original reviewers. But we still constantly fear pixel breakage or vulnerable damage to the plastic screen.

The good news: right now, the folding screen of our Galaxy Folder review unit is as old as the day we were disconnected. It comes with a push in the middle, but this is really only seen when it shines (or deliberately looking for it) The big problem is the uneven refresh rate on the big screen: as you scroll through the pages, one side is a little slower than the other; It is barely visible, but you cannot see it when you realize that it is there.

The Galaxy Fold is the perfect example of why smartphones can double the future. The 7.3-inch screen is designed for product productivity. We have performed multiple tasks with three applications that open on the phone like a tablet. The photos are easy to edit, the games take a big leap and anyone can show a complicated spreadsheet.

The size of the curve is satisfactory for one reason: we would love to bring a small phone again. It is not visible in the photos and feels tight due to the wide beard that surrounds the 4.6-inch screen; But keep this phone high, messy but narrow in your hand. Then you swear that glass phones are not all slippery. We were sure that the busy streets would do it with one hand.

The Galaxy Fold has inherited the power and cameras of the Galaxy S10 Plus, which is good, but we miss some of the photos and video models offered by the Note 10 Plus: the five-month delay means the most recent phone and Samsung’s modern As for its most capable camera. You will not find an S Pen stylus inside (anyway, it is not advisable to use a plastic screen, but still).

The battery life was the most difficult to judge. With 4,380 mAh, the battery here is the largest in Samsung and we have had it for a day and a half. But the battery life changed depending on how long we opened that big screen, and we killed it in less than a day.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold feels like the biggest feeling from the original iPhone: it is the only reason to take a risk of $ 2,000 / £ 1,900. This phone is ideal for those who have the money to spend it hard and end up ahead of their time in a drawer with Google Glass and other devices.

Everyone else should be looking for something cheaper, better and more durable in a few months. The release date of Samsung Galaxy Fold has stagnated at the end of 2019 and it was not easy to get it. It premiered in South Korea on September 6 and the premiere in the United Kingdom on September 18.

The release date of Galaxy Fold in the US UU. It is September 27, five months and one day after its original April 26 release. During this pause, Samsung updated the hardware, but the price remained the same: very high. Those in Australia could also buy the phone at the end of October 2019.

Since then, Galaxy Fold shares have been set in the available markets, so you should not have trouble finding a unit if you are considering choosing it. The Samsung Galaxy Fold costs $ 1,980 / £ 1,900 / AU at $ 2,999, almost double the price of the iPhone 11 Pro. You can buy it at local stores like Samsung, Best Buy or through specialized service providers: UK E (from $ 109 per month for 24 months) and AT&T in the USA. UU. ($ 66 per month for 30 months).

One important thing to keep in mind: the Galaxy Fold in the United Kingdom has a 5G version and the Galaxy Fold in the USA. UU. It is limited to 4G LTE.

Samsung includes a pair of black Samsung Galaxy Buds and a thin Kevlar case (the folder is harder to protect than a few scratches on the glass), offers you a little more for your money and offers a Galaxy Premiere 24/7 phone for Lifetime, Support service dedicated by chat or personal visit. Then, a one-year limited warranty and waste display is a single screen replacement fee of $ 150.

The price is our biggest hangover. While it is extremely cool, it is difficult to justify such a high price for a device that has clearly not been tested in time and can be very vulnerable. It is a first generation device with a matching price tag. We are somewhat disappointed that Cosmos Black and Space Silver are the only two colors.Galaxy Fold now available in Canada

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