Facebook has leaked 419 million phone numbers

This is not the most prominent data accident that the company has been caught. News: A security researcher discovered a Facebook database that has more than 419 million phone numbers. The data included Facebook IDs and, in some cases, names, gender, and countries. According to researcher Sanskam Jain, his discovery referred to TechCrunch, because the server that hosts the database was not password protected, so anyone could find it and access it. It is not clear who obtained the information on Facebook systems, but presumably, that level of access would have to be an employee.

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Who was affected? The exposed server included 133 million Facebook user records based in the United States and 18 million users in the United Kingdom. Others have more than 50 million records of Vietnamese users. Unfortunately, there is currently no way to verify if your data is among the filtered records.

History repeats itself: Facebook is involved in so many data leaks, which is hard to tell. In March of this year, it appeared that the company had stored up to 600 million passwords for insecure users in 2012. A few days later, we discovered that half a billion Facebook records were exposed on the public Internet.

The granddaughter of all of them: the Cambridge Analytica scandal fined the Federal Trade Commission with $ 5 billion in July, and senior executives must ensure that the company is protected by privacy. Let’s take a look at this last leak and see what action has been made.

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