Amazon Echo Show 8 with Echo Dot bundle

Amazon has impressed us with its line of smart displays. The $ 229.99 second-generation Amazon Echo Show includes a surprisingly powerful sound in a reasonable-sized package with a 10-inch screen, and the small $ 89.99 Echo Show is perfect for 5-night shows. The new Echo Show 8 will be among these models in terms of price, power, and size, and for many, it will be perfect. The Shoe 8 has an 8-inch screen and stereo speakers, which the Sho5 easily captures and approaches the full-size Echo screen. At $ 129.99, it’s a good deal and enough to win the choice of our publishers.

If you’re looking for a new screen or smart speaker, and this brilliant Google Nest package won’t dampen your imagination, Amazon is running the same offer version for its Echo product line. Now at Amazon, you can get the latest Echo Show 8 with the Echo Dot package for $ 79.99 ($ ​​99.99 discount), which is the price of the Echo Show 8 in isolation.

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The package brings the header to an 8 “HD screen, support for video calls and messages, and the integration of Amazon Photos Album into a current image frame. You also get the latest third-generation Echo Dot. Hands-free sounds and calls, all Wrapped in magnificent textile design, you can perform tasks using voice commands, play a specific song, and more.

You do not need any promotional code or coupon to expedite this agreement. Be sure to use the following link to access the dedicated package page. Please note that if you add these items to your cart separately, you will not receive a full discount.

Echo Show 8 looks like a slightly smaller version of the regular Echo Show or a somewhat more extended version of Echo Show 5. All three devices share the same general shape, while the black-framed screen is slightly rear and textile. Trapezoidal back section wrapped to cover the speaker units. Variations, such as camera positioning, vary in overall size and small details (5 and 8 in the upper right corner of the Echo exhibition, the top center of the Echo Show).

Two-pin microphones are located on the top edge of the Echo Show 8, surrounded by volume up / down buttons and microphone mute buttons. A mechanical switch on the camera pushes the cover over the lens for privacy. There is a power connector on the back of the device, a micro USB port for service, and a 3.5mm auxiliary output.

The 8-inch LCD touch screen of Echo Show 8 has a larger resolution of 1,280 by 800, and the 5-inch 960 by 480 display of Echo Show 5 is a fantastic step. It is bright and colorful, along with two 2.0-inch drives and feeds up to 10 watts. That brings it closer to the audio power of the 10-inch eco-screen (two 2.2-inch drivers, 10 watts each) than the Echo Show 5 (1.7-inch, 4-watt unit).

Alexa features

Like Amazon Alexa Smart Display, the Echo Show 8 has the same features and functionality as other Eco devices. You can activate it by asking a question or by calling a command called “Alexa.” Alexa can answer common questions, provide weather and traffic reports, tell you your schedule and list what to do. You can play music from Amazon, Apple Music, Pandora, Sirius XM, and Spotify; Read audible audiobooks; Access videos from Amazon Video and Hulu.

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